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Leaving the village to study and work around the world for three years brought me in contact with an unbelievable amount of car makes and models. Travelling throughout Africa where the majority of cars are imported from Japan increased my determination to create a brand that could add some much-wanted decadence to the driving experience. While the cars themselves are robust and well worth the investment, they lacked the kind of luxurious interior that wows and impresses.

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When it’s time to give your car’s interior the makeover it deserves

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Beyond our embroidery and car seat design services our expertise extends to complete interior re-models; capable of designs to suit any style and adept at creating interiors that bring to beautiful life any chosen theme.

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Corporate Cars

Transform your fleet of corporate cars with custom-made leather car seat covers that outshine and outperform universal fit covers

Economy class cars

For hand stitched protection from wear and tear – for luxurious comfort and practically

Luxury Cars

For craftsmanship woven into every inch, and unparalleled style created with each stitch                                                                                     

Dashboard Solution

A permanent, robust solution to an all-too common, age-old problem.

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Fashionable face-lift?

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Miss Khadija Numbwene

“They have good customer service,they know what there doing,i love what they did to my car, they are the best in Dar Es Salaam in fact i haven't seen such thing in Tanzania. I'm very satisfied with their service.”





Miss Khadija Numbwene


Miss Tunnu

“After looking for a car interior designer for my Nissan Juke,i finally chose Safari Automative Upholstery.....I still shake my head with amazement at the perfectly & beautifully design clothed in my Juke...you totally exceeded my expectations, the quality of Safari Upholstery team and the care they took while handling my Juke was just the best ever..they make a wonderful team that can help make ur dream car design a reality... Highly recommend all car owners to give them a shot,You wont regret...they are the best!!!!”

Miss Tunnu



“The first time i saw the work of his hands i had no doubt that he is blessed. To be honest i had trouble believing that the upholstery virtuosity i saw was a product of a local industry. From that moment i couldn't wait to meet him and let him modernize my car. Such an enthusiastic, natural and extremely talented young man. His work is second to none! ..Keep it up bro, you are destined for bigger things.”





Salome Tuppa

I would love to appreciate safari Automotive Upholstery for their best services they offered me and my car, coming all the way from Mwanza to Dar i was truly satisfied by being served with world classy and  comfy interior for my car in a timely manner plus the best customer care provided by all members of the office. 

Its a must again place... Thank you a keep it up



Salome Tuppa


Optatus Costantine

Kwa siku ya kwanza nimefika ofisini kwenu sikujua kama gari yangu ingeweza kutengenezwa kama ilivo sasa! U made it #safariTeam and i appreciate because now am comfortable win my car.






Optatus Costantine

Claims Manager