• What is a Custom Seat Cover?

    Custom Seat Covers are made using a specific pattern (measurements) for your vehicle. Custom Seat Covers are made to fit exactly and allow all Original Seat functions like moving, folding, split seats, sport seats, Isofix openings, Airbags, etc. to function with 100% efficiency.

  • What other services do you provide?

    We offer delivery services to our esteemed clients. Understanding that our client may be busy at their places of work pickup and delivery of your vehicle can be arranged free of charge to ensure you remain productive at your place of work while we serve you.

  • How do I Care For My New Custom Fit Seat Covers?

    Leather is a material that must be maintained. Car leather in particular is susceptible to a number of problems, including sweat, grease and ultra violet rays. These agents can contribute to the breakdown of the coating on the leather. Once the coating is compromised, the leather can begin to crack and fade. 
Maintenance is relatively easy; but it must be performed on a regular basis. Safari upholstery will provide you with detailed care instructions, to ensure that you can protect your purchase. Car leather is actually an investment, as it will increase the value of your vehicle. It makes sense to protect your investment by protecting and maintaining your leather. 
Get free advice for the purchase of the best leather care products varying from car leather wipes multipurpose foam cleaner, foam and conditioner

  • Where do you fit them?

    Please bring your vehicle to the address below and the product will be fitted professionally; KinondoniMorocco Plot 12, Block 41, Shop no 1 – Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

  • Custom Cover fitting time.

    It takes approximately 1 hour to fit Vans or Trucks front seats, 1.5 – 2 hours for the Car, 2-3 hours for the SUV’s 7 seats and 3-4 hours for the Minibuses 9 seats. Time might vary depending on vehicle’s brand.

  • Product warranty. What is covered?

    The warranty of leather seat covers is 6 months as standard. We will accept the return for badly manufactured part and replace it free of charge. Please enquire if you have any questions.

  • How are the Covers fitted?

    The covers are fitted (dragged, pulled) over the existing fabric on seats and are mounted rubber straps and Velcro. Fittings are attached under the seats and are not seen after installation. The covers will look like seats after fitting. All that is done at free of charge by a team of our trained technician who are in love with what they do.

  • Will Airbags Work?

    If your vehicle has side air bags we will have an allowance in your seat covers to accommodate the side airbag. Special thread is inserted when making Custom Covers and allows airbags to work.

  • What vehicles are available?

    We make Seat Covers for all Cars, sedan, Trucks, and SUV’s. Our database goes back to older models to brand new vehicles this year. With questions of any other type of vehicle please send us an email to sales@safariupholstery.com

  • What type of Payment do you accept?

    We accept cash or cheques. Contact us by phone or email and we will calculate the total cost. We require a 50% deposit up front on placing the order; the rest can be paid off after fixing only when the customer is fully satisfied with the finish product.

  • How much does it cost?

    Custom Seat Cover cost depends on vehicle’s Brand, Model, Year of Production and Seat Quantity. Color can be freely combined this has no effect on the price list. Safari Automative Upholstery guarantees you value for money. Quality & affordability is what defines us.

  • Order waiting time?

    The Custom Seat Covers are usually completed within 2-3 working days, but sometimes could take shorter time depending on measurements availability, the amount of outstanding orders and the design difficulty. We recommend our customers to make advance booking for their vehicle as soon as they make a purchase order for their vehicle from Japan, Dubai, Singapore or from their local dealership, our professional sales representative will deal with all arrangements including measurements so that your seat cover is ready for fixing when the car arrives.

  • The difference between Custom and Universal?

    Custom is a guaranteed fit and will have the design and fabric of your choice on the seats. It is the best looking and highest quality Seat Cover available.


    Universal covers are a standard size cover which will only fit many different seat styles. They are not made for any specific vehicle. There are no guarantees how well it will fit. At Safari Automative Upholstery we do not sell universal car seat covers we only major in custom made car seat covers.

  • What comes in a Custom Set?
    • Driver and passenger seats.Pockets on front seats (if needed)
    • Headrests (if any, availability depends on make and model)
    • Armrests (if any, availability depends on make and model)
    • Back panel (split or one piece)
    • Back seat sofa (split or one piece)
    • Airbag support.
  • Return Policy

    Custom Cover cannot be returned. These Seat Covers are made from scratch as the orders are placed. We build the covers specifically for your vehicle’s year, make, model, seat style, seat options, from the fabric of your choice, and in the color you select. If your covers do not fit we will make the necessary alterations free of charge.

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