Set sail and sit back

Boat, Yacht and Ship Interior Design

You revel in navigating challenging seas and grab every spare moment to explore waters that you’re yet to charter. It’s no over exaggeration to say that your liner – whether small boat or large ship, is your pride and joy – so it’s only right that it’s interior style reflects your tastes and preferences.

Whether your vessel is a recent purchase and you’re the proud first owner, or you’ve invested in a superior second-hand ship, we appreciate your desire to define your own style, or to rejuvenate an aging interior. Equally as important as style, is durability – a seafaring vessel simply must have an interior that can stand up, beautifully, to the rigours of life on the sea. It is this balance between stunning design and uncompromising durability that our craftsmanship strikes just right – for design that lasts, gracefully, through a decade or more.


Talented craftsmen, Always on time.

Exclusive Design

You want original design – and with Safari, you receive it as standard – you simply won’t find our designs anywhere else. Our workmanship is painstaking, our experts are comprehensively trained – yet despite the intricacy of the task at hand, our projects always come in on time – ensuring you won’t miss a weekend sail or a week away on the waters.

Our team will help you explore your options – colours, materials, styles, and they’ll be led by you and your ideas – helping you to develop them into a blueprint for a beautiful interior. Perhaps it was time we talked about creating your bespoke boat, yacht or ship interior?