Interior design: For a completely customised mark of hand-made style

Beyond our embroidery and car seat design services our expertise extends to complete interior re-models; capable of designs to suit any style and adept at creating interiors that bring to beautiful life any chosen theme.

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Corporate Cars

Transform your fleet of corporate cars with custom-made leather car seat covers that outshine and outperform universal fit covers


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Economy class cars

For hand stitched protection from wear and tear – for luxurious comfort and practically

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Luxury Cars

For craftsmanship woven into every inch, and unparalleled style created with each stitch

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Dashboard Solution

A permanent, robust solution to an all-too common, age-old problem.


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Carpet & Headliner repair

Is your car’s ceiling fabric sagging? Safari Automotive Upholstery can repair sagging rooftops in minimal time!

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