Take to the skies in style

Aircraft Interior Design

Your aircraft should command the best workmanship and the most superior of finishes – unrelenting standards of quality, and attention to detail that’s second to none. After all, you’ve invested heavily in your state of the art machine for the skies, you shouldn’t expect anything less that luxury on your terms for its interior – from seats, to ceiling.

Stich by handcrafted stich, Safari Aircraft Upholstery offers bespoke interior design for your aircraft – workmanship of skilled craftsmen who can handle services that span from full interior redesigns and replacement, to compact repairs on small areas.

Whether you’re seeking to redesign the interior of your brand-new aircraft that’s recently rolled out from its air hanger, or you’re looking to refresh, reinvigorate and reimagine the seats in your decade old aircraft, the Safari team will take your ideas and run with them – crafting a truly unique style that reflects your taste.

For complete, total peace of mind

Robust security

We appreciate just how much you value your aircraft – which is why we can proudly talk about our robust levels of security.

Our advanced workshop is equipped not only with cutting-edge tools and machinery, but also with next generation security, including a state-of-the-art alarm system, extensive CCTV, solid doors and an impossible to scale fence that surrounds the perimeter

Discover your choices – options that include many materials, pattern types, style directions and colour palettes, by talking with our skilled team of craftsmen.