About Safari Automative Upholstery

Safari Automotive Upholstery has been in the making since I was five when my eyes would widen at the sight of the rare magnificence that was a car in my remote African village. Back then I loved peeking into the high end vehicles that my father chauffeured, inhaling the aroma of the freshly waxed leather, the pristine shine of the immaculate seats and the perfect stitching along the edges of every seat.

Just being around the luxurious interiors raised my young chin and puffed out my chest with pride. It’s a feeling that has never left, and now I’m able to share it with my customers looking to restore the allure of their car with flawlessly upholstered fabric. 

Our works

Guided by relentless focus on quality. As a team we will constantly strive to deliver operational and service excellence in every corner of the company and exceed our commitments to our customers, employees, shareholders and the society.

  • To be rated the best by our client. Equipped with beyond compare equipment to perform our upholstery business with ease giving our client the best in both designing and in technology.
  • To start operating in a wholesale market across Tanzania by outsourcing quality leather materials from the best manufacturer across the world.
  • To expand to a bigger facility that will accommodate more machines, more space to dress more vehicles.
  • We want to learn every day, improve continuously and enhance our products and services to have the entire car’s interior refashion.